Welcome to Roman Levy Group!

Roman Levy Group, LLC, was founded in year 2003 and set up by the experts in the fields of Petroleum products such as - Diesel, Mazut, Aviation Kerosene, Crude Oil and Gasoline, Jewelry industry - Rough and Polished Diamonds trading, investment banking, international capital operation and business management, is the USA strategic and financing consulting firm.

We offer a broad range of services specifically tailored to meet our clients' needs. We are an Official Distributors of Professional Lines of Colors and Haircare products in CIS countries (Former Soviet Union), Eastern Europe, Israel and Turkey. We have the ability to provide a one-stop solution for our clients. The members of company management team have accumulated five to fifteen year working experiences in such fields as investment and financing service, marketing, investment bank service, enterprise strategic planning, regional economic development, government public relations, etc. With more than twenty professional experts, among which 86% are master degree holders from famous universities all over the world, the company can provide international standard services in finance management, marketing research, business strategy planning and implement, etc.

Within the scope of the mentioned above constructional activities, we have met with the problems such as site improvement: bottom of the lake treatment, dirty roads stabilization, dust control and etc.

From the end of 2004 company started R & D for different soil improvement methods with Universities of Minnesota, Ohio and California…. As a result we are currently exclusive owners of several materials for soil stabilization and concrete treatment. During that period of time we have completed small and midsize testing construction sites in Israel, Morocco, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Russia, Latvia and USA (Full list of similar projects you can find in Minnesota University Report)

From year 2006 the company widened its scope of activities regarding the construction and earth-moving works by combining its efforts with “Leviev Ecoroads, LLC” and “Gorbo Capital Group, Inc.”. Currently our joint group has its representatives in more than 10 countries and constantly widening its activities all over the world. Most of the current construction projects and supposed new ones like the opening the Distributorship Markets of Professional Lines of Color "Tec Italy"," Patrice"," Hidra" and others manufactured by Nattura Labotatories Factories located in Guadalajara (Mexico) will be arranged through the RLG - Nattura, LLC. All technical details about the site improvement will be provided in our technical presentation “Development of earthmoving and road construction technologies”.

From year 2008 the company started trading with crude oil commodities in Russian Federation and opened its affiliated company “ Alef Finance” in Moscow and RLG Petroleum, LLC in USA. Within two years we have done few small-size transactions (with diesel oil and fuel oil) and established effective network for further operations, giving wide opportunities to increase the company turnover up .

Mission: Roman Levy Group Consulting, LLC provides customers with the maximizing value-added services and abides by the criteria of professional quality service and international profession standard.

Main Business Scope: Roman Levy Group Consulting, LLC provides the following services: assisting in the financing and investment, writing business plan and project feasibility study report, working out the financing strategy for M&A, offering financial consultation on the overseas IPO, providing appraisal consultation on the financing projects, proposing marketing strategy in positioning, planning, and brand promotion, writing marketing survey report, offering consultancies on enterprise strategic development, etc.

Methodology: Roman Levy Group Consulting, LLC has the combination of contacts and experience to communicate with the governments at its highest levels. At the same time, our consultants' industry experience, CIS and Eastern Europe countries knowledge, international academic training and diverse backgrounds give us the ability to fully analyze the business and economic implications of our recommendations. In USA's highly regulated and rapidly evolving market, our integrated approach - combining political analysis and government communications with fundamental economics and business strategy - is necessary key for success.

Client: Roman Levy Group Consulting, LLC has won the trust of leading Asian, European, and American companies and governments by consistently delivering valuable results. We have completed over 90 projects with clients ranging from those with extensive investments and experience to those new to the market. We also have established intimately cooperative relationship with many domestic financial institutions, such as commercial banks, investment banks, security companies, fund institutions, trust companies, accounting companies, law offices, etc.

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